What Does UL 300 Mean?

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Underwriter Laboratories wrote a standard for restaurant suppression systems called UL 300 that outlines specific guidelines that must be met to receive a UL 300 label.  Each system manufacturer is required to submit their system for testing by the Underwriters Laboratories to ensure that it will work with today’s commercial cooking equipment.  Since 2014, most states and the National Fire Protection Association (NFTA) require all kitchen systems to be UL 300 compliant.

Why are they Important?

The changing cooking conditions in restaurant kitchens has required a need for changes in kitchen suppression systems.  Commercial grade fryers heat up much more quickly and cool down much more slowly than older fryers.  Another change is using vegetable oil which burns at a much higher temperature than animal fat.  This makes the older methods of kitchen fire suppression ineffective against it.

What are the UL 300 Requirements?

  • Fire suppression systems must use a wet chemical agent to smother the fire. They also cool the source so it can’t reignite.
  • Manual pull station
  • Automatic fuel shut offs for gas and electric
  • Nozzles located in the hood and duct
  • Nozzles located over each grease generating cooking appliance
  • Semi-annually cleaning and hood and duct maintenance by an authorized licensed service company
  • Wet chemical system serviced semi-annually by an authorized licensed service company

Why Comply?

Safety is the first reason to comply.  Safety for your employees and safety for your customers.  It would be negligent to deliberately endanger anyone by not adhering to the UL 300 codes.

The second reason is to protect your investment.  Most insurance companies will charge higher rates if you aren’t compliant.  Most restaurants go out of business from fires that get out of control.

Call Fire Control Systems today to assess your restaurant’s fire suppression system to ensure it is up to UL 300 code for fire safety in kitchens.

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