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A fire suppression system can be a lifesaver in the event of a fire.  It can reduce the risk of damage and help put the fire out quickly.  It is a mix of dry chemicals and wet agents which help in controlling, preventing and extinguishing fires on property.  There are several different types of fire suppression systems that are used to stop a fire or prevent it from spreading.  The three most common types are explained below.


This is the most common type of fire suppression system and is used as a sprinkler system inside a building.  Water is always in the pipes, so it can be quickly activated automatically or manually.  An automatic water suppression system is activated when smoke or heat is sensed.  A manual sprinkler system needs to be turned on physically when a fire starts.  Both can be effective when a fire occurs.


A chemical suppression system is used in places where water can damage or spread a fire.  It is often used in commercial kitchens.  A common wet chemical used is potassium carbonate which is a safe chemical to use around foods.  Other chemicals can be either wet or dry.  It can be turned on automatically by heat or manually.


This type of system uses inert gases such as argon or purified nitrogen to smother the fire.  A fire requires a steady supply of oxygen to spread.  The inert gasses snuff out the fire by cutting it off from the oxygen in the air.  It is used in areas where sensitive information would be damaged by water or chemical agents, such as computers or documents.  The inert gasses don’t harm the equipment or documents.

Installing a fire suppression system can protect your valuable assets and safeguard the lives of the people working in the office building or commercial center.  Call Fire Control Systems to help you choose the right type of fire suppression system for your property.

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