Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems Explained

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Clean agent fire suppression systems use inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire.  They are used in areas where water would destroy valuable assets, records, and equipment.  They are water-less and don’t leave an oily residue behind that can damage irreplaceable items.  The way they work and how they can benefit your company will be explained.

The cylinders containing the clean agent are stored away from the protected area.  They are connected to rooms through a piping network that ties into nozzles strategically placed in potential fire locations.  When smoke or heat is detected by the smoke alarms, an electronic signal is sent to the control panel which sends the clean agent gas from the cylinders into the piping network.  The control panel can send the gas directly to the hazardous area only.  It can activate audio and visual alarms, close vents, and doors to prevent the fire from spreading and turn off electrical equipment.

It usually takes less than ten seconds for the clean agent to reach the room where the fire has been detected.  The nozzles open and the deflector shields will direct the gas towards the fire area.  As the gas floods the room, the oxygen content is reduced enough to stop the fire.

The benefits of a clean agent fire suppression system:

  • Extinguishing levels are reached in 10 seconds or less!
  • Controls and extinguishes a fire before it spreads.
  • No damage to electronics and mechanical devices.
  • Safe to use where people are present.
  • Rapidly vaporizes to gas during discharge and evaporates cleanly, leaving no residue behind.
  • No costly cleanup.
  • Non-ozone depleting and has a short atmospheric lifetime.

Clean agent fire suppression systems are an innovative approach to fire protection that protect the employees, assets, records, and equipment.  Call Fire Control Systems to have a clean agent fire suppression system installed at your business.



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