What are Water Mist Systems?

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Have you heard about water mist systems?  They are high pressure water systems that use 80-90% less water than tradition sprinkler systems.   This type of fire suppression is a good option for places that need to protect equipment or buildings from water damage.

A water mist system mixes water with either oxygen or nitrogen to atomize a droplet of water to less than 1000 microns, creating more droplets.  This increases the reaction surface area causing a rapid cooling effect and reducing the radiant heat.  Oxygen is displaced by the atomized droplets which suffocates the fire.

Water mist works in three ways to extinguish a fire.

  1. The small water droplets create a considerable cooling surface area that can absorb the heat from the fire.
  2. The dense discharge of the mist acts like a wall to stop the spread of the fire by blocking the heat transfer to unburned fuel nearby.
  3. When the mist droplets absorb enough heat, it changes from liquid water to steam. The water droplets expand as steam and prevent oxygen from reaching the fire.

Water mist systems use 50-90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems.  This means there is less water runoff and less collateral damage for the room that’s on fire.  They are a good alternative for data centers, museums, historic homes, and theaters.

Water mist extinguishers have a nozzle that disperses microscopic water droplets to suppress fires and extinguish burning materials.  They are 100% safe for use on wood, paper, textiles, flammable liquids and fat fires.  The extinguishers are very powerful and have long discharge times which can allow you more time to leave safely.  They contain de-mineralized water which leaves no residue and can be used in food areas or clean rooms.

Using water mist to extinguish a fire is a safe, environmentally friendly way to put out fires.  Call Fire Control Systems today for all your fire safety needs.

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