Types of Fire Sprinkler Heads

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There are four primary types of sprinkler heads for fire protection. Each one is specifically designed to extinguish fires and they come in a variety of temperatures, finishes and sizes. The right choice for your building will cover the main areas that are susceptible to fires.

Pendant Sprinkler Head

Pendant sprinkler heads are the most common type used in sprinkler systems.  They extend from the ceiling with a convex, circular, gapped deflector plate on the bottom.  When activated they send water down onto the deflectors, which disperses the water in a wide, side to side conical pattern.

Concealed Pendant Head

Concealed pendant heads are recessed into the ceiling and covered with a decorative cap that blends into the ceiling. The cap is specifically designed to fall away 20 degrees prior to the activation of the sprinkler. Once the sprinkler head is activated by the heat of the fire, it will drop down from the ceiling and the water is dispersed.

Upright Sprinkler Head

Upright sprinkler heads point upwards towards the ceiling. The deflectors are also curved down so that the water sprays in hemispherical position. Upright sprinkler heads are efficient at dispersing water between obstructions. They are generally used in mechanical rooms or rooms that are difficult to access.

Sidewall Sprinkler Head

Sidewall sprinkler heads protrude horizontally out of the wall, parallel to the floor.  They are used in small spaces.  They have a solid, rectangular, or semi-circular deflector plate that disperses the water away from the ceilings and down and out in a crescent-shaped spray toward the open space it is protecting.

Before you choose the sprinkler system for your building, you need to understand the specific functions that each type of sprinkler head plays and know what your space will require for efficient fire protection.  Call Fire Control Systems today to help you choose the right one for your needs.

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