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Did you know that there are more deaths and injuries in warehouses than in any other work environment?  Does your warehouse meet all required fire safety codes, both local and OSHA?  Not only does meeting all required fire code standards increase the safety of your warehouse, but it can also help you avoid potentially serious fines.

How do I know what I need? 

Become familiar with the local fire codes and then hire a professional who can audit your facility and tell you what you need to add or replace.  Find a specialist with a background in your industry so they can make recommendations based on the codes that apply to you.

What kinds of requirements do I have to follow?

Follow the requirements of your local fire codes and OSHA standards.   These are a few requirements for any warehouse:

  • Warehouses of all sizes must have an automated sprinkler system.
  • There is a minimum space required between storage (e.g., pallets) and sprinklers.
  • Aisles that result in a dead end at a wall have a maximum length.
  • For material stored in unconfined piles, there must be an aisle every few feet.
  • Restrictions about smoking, including designated locations and signage.
  • Propane fuel tanks and aerosol containers must meet specific requirements.
  • Plastics have many storage and packaging requirements.
  • Anything that falls into the hazardous material category (e.g., gasses, explosives, flammable liquids) has substantial storage and fire protection requirements.

 How do I protect workers? 

Fire inspectors look for hazardous situations that affect the workers as much as the merchandise. Some things an inspector looks for during a fire inspection include:

  • Aisles and doors that are blocked, preventing people from escaping
  • Sprinkler systems that do not work
  • Missing or inoperative fire extinguishers
  • Emergency lights or signs that are missing or not working
  • Overloaded or otherwise unsafe electrical wiring or extension cords

When properly addressed, precautionary measures can prevent injury and fatalities in the event of a fire.  Call Fire Control Systems today for a fire protection inspection or to find out how to maximize your existing level of fire protection.


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