Holiday Fire Safety Tips

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The holidays are a time for families and friends to get together and enjoy favorite holiday traditions.  Unfortunately, it is a time when house fires increase resulting in high costs and more deaths than any other time of year.  Here are some important fire safety tips to ensure that your family’s holidays are both happy and safe.

Christmas Trees

Pine trees are highly flammable.  It is important to make sure the tree is fresh when you purchase it by checking that the needles are intact.  Make sure to get a fresh cut on the trunk, to encourage water uptake.  Always keep the tree away from any heat source, such as a fireplace, radiator or lit candle.  Replenish the tree’s water daily because fresh trees dry out quickly in heated homes.  Be sure to take it down after the holidays because the tree will start to dry out after four weeks.  If you use an artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant.  Always turn off the Christmas tree lights when leaving or going to bed.


Keep flammable items, including curtains and holiday decorations, at least 3 feet away from your candles. Place your candles on a non-flammable surface to catch the melting candle wax, such as a tray lined with aluminum foil. Never leave lit candles unattended.


During the holidays the kitchen can be the busiest area of the home.  Unfortunately, it is where most holiday fires start.  With all the distractions it is easy to forget that something is cooking.  Try taking a potholder with you whenever you leave the kitchen to remind you to check on the food.  Keep a kitchen fire extinguisher close by and make sure all smoke alarms are working properly.


If you’ll be setting off fireworks at home, choose a location away from buildings and trees. Be sure your spectators, including children and pets, stay well back. Keep a supply of water or fire extinguisher at hand. If you live in an area that’s experiencing a drought, consider cancelling the show this year – a stray spark that lands on dry grass or leaves can lead to a wildfire.

Fire Control Systems wishes you a merry and safe holiday season!

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