High-Rise Building Fire Safety

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Do you know what to do if there is a fire in a high-rise building?  Should you leave or stay? Which way do you go to get out? High-rise tenants should develop and practice a fire escape plan.


Here are a few simple fire safety steps you can take to prevent the loss of life and property in high-rise fires.


  • If a fire occurs, do not panic. Staying calm will increase chances of survival.
  • Call to report the fire. Don’t assume someone has already reported it.  Answer all questions and let them know where you are in the building.
  • Remember that smoke rises, so stay close to the floor. Smoke inhalation can kill.
  • It is safer to crawl to the door, even if you can tolerate the smoke while standing.
  • Feel the door knob first. Do not open the door until you have checked to be sure there isn’t fire on the other side. If it is hot, the fire may be just outside your door.
  • Brace your shoulder or foot against the door and open with extreme caution. Should you be confronted with a high concentration of super-heated air or smoke, close the door immediately.
  • If the hall is passable, use one of your pre-designated escape routes.
  • Do not waste time gathering personal belongings, but shut the door and take your key.
  • Do not use the elevator. It may stall due to heat or loss of power.
  • If you must use an inside stairwell, check for smoke before entering the stairwell.
  • If the stairwell is safe to enter, WALK downward, do not run. Hold onto wall or handrail to prevent falling.
  • If your escape route is blocked, it may be safer to return to your office or apartment.
  • If you must return to your office or apartment or remain there because escape routes are blocked, open a window slightly to let smoke escape. Do not break the window because you may need to close it if there is smoke on the outside.
  • Use a sheet or cloth in the window to signal that you need help.
  • Do not jump. You may not survive the fall from a high-rise building.
  • If you must remain in the office or apartment, close all vents and air ducts. Wet towels and sheets and stuff them around the doors.
  • Once you are out of the building, STAY OUT! Do not go back inside for any reason.
  • Tell the fire department if you know of anyone trapped in the building.
  • Only enter when the fire department tells you it is safe to do so.

Being prepared is one of the best ways to prevent any loss of life or property in a high-rise building emergency. Call Fire Control Systems for all your fire safety needs.

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