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In healthcare facilities, a fire can result in substantial property damage, injuries, and death.  Many patients can’t leave their beds because of their physical condition or medical status. The elderly and those with limited mobility are the most vulnerable when a fire breaks out in a healthcare facility.  The volatile chemicals, oxygen supplies, and other drugs present can spread fires and release deadly fumes into the air.

Fire prevention is the best approach to fire safety at healthcare facilities.  The following tips can help reduce the chances of a fire:

  • Prohibit smoking within the facility. Designated smoking areas should to be situated in an area away from the facility.  Numerous large, heavy metal ashtrays that are tip-resistant should be placed in the area.
  •  Don’t overload power circuits. With the large amount of electrical equipment in healthcare facilities, it is easy to overwork electrical outlets or extension cords.  Inspect electrical cords and plugs to ensure they are in good condition.  Replace any tools, appliances, or pieces of equipment that spark, smoke or give off unusual odors.
  • Fire training is essential because fire standards in hospitals are different than in schools or commercial buildings. It educates staff members on how to use a fire extinguisher and teaches them where fire alarms are located and how to activate them. It informs everyone of the fire safety and evacuation plan procedures.
  • Ensure alarms and fire suppression systems are functional. Verify that all the requirements for placement and maintenance of fire alarms, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire suppression systems are being followed.  Make sure alarms and detectors are regularly serviced and in working order.

Hospitals can benefit from partnering with an experienced fire services company to ensure their fire safety.  Contact Fire Control Systems to help protect your healthcare facility with fire suppression systems, extinguisher installation, fire training, system repairs and maintenance.

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