Halloween Fire Safety Tips

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Halloween decorations are appearing in yards, windows, and desk areas as we get closer to the end of October.  Decorating can be a fun way to get employees in a festive mood and entertain friends and neighbors.  It is important to follow a few safety tips at the home or office to ensure everyone stays safe during the holiday.

Flammable Decorations

Hay, candles, paper bag luminaries, corn stalks and other paper objects are used as decorations for Halloween.  They are very flammable and should be displayed far away from any open flames.

Electrical Outlets

During all the excitement of decorating for Halloween, electrical safety can easily be overlooked.  Overloaded outlets and extension cords are a sure way to start a fire; be sure to spread out all your lights and other electrical decorations.

Install Sprinkler Systems

Every business or home should have a sprinkler system and smoke alarms.  They will be your first line of defense if a fire occurs.  Smoke alarms will alert you to leave the building and the sprinkler system will try to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading.


Using lit candles inside of a pumpkin is a potential fire hazard.  They can easily be tipped over and if they are near dry leaves or other flammable decorations a fire can occur.  Instead of using candles, use LED lights. There are some made specifically for Jack-o-Lanterns that a relatively inexpensive.  This change will eliminate one potential fire risk.


Choose a costume that is flame-retardant and does not have long trains or bulk.  Walk at night with a flashlight or glowstick to make yourself noticeable and to light the way.  Be sure everyone knows how to stop immediately, drop to the ground, cover their face with their hands, and roll if their costume catches fire.

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