Fire Safety is Small Business Safety

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A workplace fire can have disastrous consequences for small business owners.  Following fire safety laws can keep your business and employees safe.  You should be able to eliminate most fire risks by following these fire safety rules.

Fire Exits

 All workplace buildings must have at least two fire exits that are not close to each other.  They can be a door or window if the space is large enough for a person to crawl through and get outdoors.  The exit routes from the building need to be clear of any obstruction and marked clearly with lighted exit signs.

 Fire Extinguishers

The proper type of fire extinguisher must be in all small businesses.  The type will depend on the fire hazards present in the workplace.  They should be tested, inspected, and documented according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Employees should be trained on how to use the fire extinguisher.

Emergency Evacuation Plan

All employees should review the written emergency evacuation plan provided by the small business.  It should mark where the exit routes are and what fire emergency procedures are in place.  Regular fire drills should be conducted every year so that employees will be prepared for an actual fire event.  Make sure everyone is accounted for and all procedures are followed during drills.

Fire Prevention

Teaching employees proper fire prevention can help avoid an emergency.  Prevention measure will vary depending on the type of work performed at the business.

Fire Suppression System

Most small businesses are required to have a fire suppression system, such as an automatic sprinkler system.  They automatically spray water and sound the alarm when a fire is detected.  This will help suppress and control the fire while alerting the proper authorities.  They need to be inspected and maintained to ensure they will work properly if a fire occurs.

Small businesses are legally obligated to understand and follow fire safety laws.  They can save lives and minimize property damage.  Call Fire Control Systems for your fire safety needs.

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