Common Fire Safety Violations

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The most common fire safety violations are some of the easiest to identify and remedy.  To avoid being fined or having your occupational status revoked, you must meet applicable fire codes for the type of business you operate. So here are 6 common fire code violations you need to look for in your facility that are easy to remedy.  

Obstructed Fire Exit Doors and Passageways 

It is one of the most frequent fire code violations. Blocking passages and exit doors is a common event in busy workplaces. These exits are often blocked by unattended packages, deliveries, trash, boxes, and carts. Blocking passages and exits are extremely dangerous as they could delay people trying to exit the building in an emergency. 

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance 

Another common violation is testing and inspecting of fire extinguishers.  To ensure that you stay in compliance, a fire protection company or a staff member should perform monthly inspections. If an extinguisher has discharged even a small amount, it must be recharged. It is important to have the right type of extinguisher in the correct place for your building.    There shouldn’t be anything blocking it and should be easy to see. 

Blocked Fire Alarm Pull Stations 

Make sure the areas around all fire alarm pull stations are clearly labeled so that they can be located quickly in case of an emergency.  Often plants, furniture and other objects are obstructing them. 

Smoke Detectors Not Inspected 

If a smoke detector isn’t in full working order, it is a fire safety code violation.  They should have fresh batteries and be fully functional.  There should be at least one in every room and not be obstructed. 

No Illumination 

It is important for every exit light to be illuminated and placed where it is easily seen in case of an emergency.  Backup batteries are essential to ensure that even if there is a power outage, people can easily see where the exits are located. 

Open Fire Doors 

Leaving fire doors open can cause problems in the event of a fire.  They should remain closed unless there is an emergency. 

These are just some of the most common fire safety violations that may be found around your business. For more information on protecting your business, call Fire Control Systems today. 

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