Commercial Kitchen Fire Hazards

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Commercial kitchen fires are the cause of more than half of the fires in restaurants.  They can cause injury or death to people and the property damage can be costly to repair.  Making sure employees are aware of the potential fire hazards and the safety measures in place is the first step in preventing a fire.  Here are some of the most common commercial kitchen fire hazards.


The deep fryer is an obvious fire hazard in a commercial kitchen.  It is important to take proper precautions to prevent the contents from becoming fuel for a fire.  The fryer should be placed at least 16 inches from any equipment that may produce an open flame, like a stove top or range.  A noncombustible dividing wall can be used to prevent splashes from contacting an open flame if space is limited.  All fryers should be equipped with automatic fuel shut-off valves to stop the flow of combustible fuel from feeding the flames.


Ovens should be cleaned regularly to prevent the buildup of combustible substances.  To avoid heat transfer, the oven shouldn’t be placed close to other equipment.  Any equipment placed in the oven should be made of noncombustible material, such as glass or metal.


The NFPA code 96 requires every commercial kitchen to have a hood connected to a ventilation system that leads outside the building to help prevent fires.  The hood must be made of a noncombustible material and cover all heat-producing equipment.  To prevent greasy buildup from accumulating on the inside and outside of the system, it must be cleaned and maintained regularly.  Every vent needs to be properly installed and easy to remove for cleaning.  All grease traps should drain into a non-flammable container that is emptied regularly


The contents of a trash can could become fuel for a fire.  To prevent this from happening, the trash can should be made of a noncombustible material, have a sturdy lid and be placed away from open flames.  It should be emptied frequently to prevent the accumulation of items that could fuel a fire.

Maintaining a clean commercial kitchen is an important part of preventing fires.  Call Fire Control Systems today for ways to improve your commercial kitchen’s fire safety.

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