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Fire can strike and devastate in an instant.  Property damage, injuries, loss of revenue, and even death can occur from the fire.  Knowing what to do in the event of a fire is important.  Learning how to use a fire extinguisher properly is crucial to being prepared for an emergency.  Here are some important things to learn from fire extinguisher training.

Fire Extinguisher Types and Uses – The basics of how to operate a fire extinguisher and which type of fire extinguisher is used on the different classes of fire is covered in an effective training program. There are different types of fires and not all extinguishers will work on them.  If the wrong extinguisher is used, the fire can spread.

  • Class A – combats combustible fires started with wood, paper, or cloth
  • Class B – for fires that were ignited from flammable liquids or gas, such as cleaning solutions, oil, and grease
  • Class C – used to fight an energized electrical fire from a short circuit
  • Class D – used for fires started from metallic materials, such as lithium, sodium or magnesium and is usually found in industrial or manufacturing plants
  • Class K – for fires cooking fires started from animal or vegetable oils or fats

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher – Teaching how to aim and use the extinguisher, and when to stop using it can prevent panic in a fire.

Location of Fire Extinguishers – This tells you where you should look for a fire extinguisher.  They should be placed in easily accessible areas near doorways, hallways or stairs.

When to Evacuate – Learn how to judge the magnitude of the fire before it overwhelms you and help others to evacuate the area quickly and safely.

There are many things to consider when using a fire extinguisher and ensuring your employees are trained can be the difference between life and death.  Call Fire Control Systems for information about fire extinguisher training for your employees.

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