What is a Fire Alarm Inspection?

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A fire alarm inspection is important because it can save lives!  The fire alarm system is designed to detect a fire and warn people of the danger.   It will close doors and shut down air systems to help control the fire and reduce the smoke.  It will shut down the elevators and activate fire suppression systems. 

 A fire alarm is an electrical system and over time parts of any system fail or degrade.  Fire alarm systems must be tested to make sure the whole system is working correctly.  This allows problems to be fixed before a fire breaks out.  But what does a fire alarm inspection include?    

During the Inspection: 

  • Every device that detects fire (like pull stations, smoke detectors, and heat detectors) is tested, one at a time, to make sure it detects as it was designed. 
  • Every control panel is checked out to make sure that if activated, it will automatically work as planned to turn on or off correctly. 
  • All standby batteries are checked for service dates and tested to make sure they provide the needed power if the building loses utility power.
  • Every device that warns people (like horns, speakers, strobes) is activated to make sure it works as it was intended. 
  • Every power supply is tested to make sure that it will provide power if needed. 
  • The whole system is activated as if there was a fire, and tested to make sure it will warn people, and that it will call the monitoring company. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires a fire alarm inspection at least once a year.  The annual inspection should be done in the same month every year.  Call Fire Control Systems today to schedule your next inspection.  If there are any problems, we will be able to fix them for you as quickly as possible. 


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