Choosing a Fire Alarm System

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When you decide to install a fire alarm system, you should know about the different types on the market.  The two main types of fire alarm systems are conventional and addressable.  Not certain which one is best for you?  Use the following information to help you decide which type will work best in your facility.

Conventional Fire Alarm System

The conventional fire alarm system is an early warning system designed for small facilities.  Each area or zone is connected to the control panel via its own wire.  When a fire alarm component produces a signal on the control panel there is no way to know exactly which component it is in the building.  It will tell you what area or zone it is in, but you must go search for its exact location.  They work well in small facilities where it won’t take much time to locate the problem and are inexpensive.

Addressable Fire Alarm System

The addressable fire alarm system is an early warning system designed to
locate precisely where a fire is occurring.  The components of an addressable fire alarm system are all wired to a single cabling loop that connects them to a fire alarm control panel.  They have individual unique identifiers which indicate its location on the fire alarm panel.  This makes it easy to figure out either where there is a fire, or in the event of a false alarm, which specific device is having a problem.  Large facilities use addressable fire alarm systems because it takes less time to pinpoint where the trouble originated.

So which type will be best for you?  Conventional fire alarm systems are inexpensive, but it can only tell you the zone/ area of the fire, not the exact location of the fire.  Addressable fire alarm systems are typically more expensive and are designed to locate precisely where a fire is occurring.

If your business needs a fire alarm system contact Fire Control Systems today.

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