Backflow Preventer Testing

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Backflow preventer devices are required by law to be installed in most commercial buildings, and some residential buildings whenever there is a chance that a “back flow” of water could be sucked into the clean water system.  The size and complexity of the installed backflow preventer will coincide with the specific backflow risks that each situation presents.  Backflow preventers are essential to protecting the clean water supply.

In its simplest form a “backflow” occurs when clean (potable) water reverses direction causing a suction that pulls dirty (non-potable) water into the clean supply system.   Where there is a cross-connection between clean water and dirty water the chance of a backflow exists.

Any pipes within a building that connect into the city water supplies are required to have backflow preventers installed.  There are several types of backflow preventer valves and assemblies used:  Double Check Valve Assemblies (DCVA), Double Detector Check Valve Assemblies (DDCVA or DCDVA), Reduced Pressure Zone Assemblies (RPZ or RPZA), Reduced Pressure Detector Zone Assemblies (RPZDA).  Also, there are different configurations and valve choices available.

Federal, state and local laws as well as the manufacturer’s product listing, require annual testing to ensure the assembly is in good working order. This is due in part because the working components of a backflow assembly have a short life expectancy and/or because sediment and debris can easily block their proper function.

When the required testing fails to produce satisfactory results, assemblies must be cleaned and/or rebuilt as needed and retested. Unrepairable or obsolete assemblies must be replaced.  The technician will explain your options to repair or replace the unit so that it complies with the local requirements.

Our teams are trained and licensed to install, test, repair and provide documented backflow certification for all types of backflow prevention devices.  Call Fire Control Systems for all your backflow preventer needs.

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